Windows 10 “build 15063” / “Redstone 2” / “Creators Update” / “1703” / “1704” Final / Gold / RTM is officially out and it contains ReFS!

Well folks, it is official, latest Windows 10 is out. There are some different names indicating exactly the same version, which in my knowledge are:

  • Build 15063
    • Well this is easy, it is the build -version, and can be shown in the “winver” -command
  • Redstone 2
    • This one is un-official name, but this one was in fact called this by Microsoft in early builds. The official release before was “Redstone”, so I think the adding “2” came from there. The name was abandoded as soon as the “Creators Update” -name surfaced.
  • Creators Update
    • The official name for this build. Indicates what it says, “for the creators”. Play mode, Paint3D… And oh yeah, ReFS!
  • 1703
    • Yet another official name. Indicates the year, “17”, and the month, “03”, when the build came out.
  • 1704
    • Un-official build name, which lived because of Microsoft’s announcement that this build will post-pone to april. Which it didn’t.

You can download the official version here. They are from Microsoft servers, so no doubt!

Edit: Links are local now. Downloaded from Microsoft. Nothing touched.

English, X64, contains PRO and HOME -editions:

SHA1: ce8005a659e8df7fe9b080352cb1c313c3e9adce

Finnish, X64, contains PRO and HOME -editions:

SHA1: 63964e4e66bcfd958cc5fa0fa439ed3d7aa8d293


And hey, this build actually contains official support for ReFS!!! This is great news!

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