Optimal settings for Handbrake when doing Blu-ray to 720p

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This file creates .MKV -file with subtitles. It’is hard on hardware, so be patient. Output it great.

TL;DR, here is the template: Current version of Handbrake is 1.0.7, so here is updated version on the setting “Blu-Ray to 720p”:

First of all you need to copy the contents of Blu-Ray -disc to harddrive. I assume you can do this, so next next is to install and open HandBrake:

Handbrake is the best tool for creating rips from DVD or Blu-Ray. However, there are plenty of settings to modify, and only two default presets. Default presets, ‘normal’ and ‘High Profile’, does the job, but with few tweaks one can create smaller and better quality rips. Here is how.

I’m demonstrating a way creating high quality rip from Blu-Ray (series ‘Sopranos’). I’m using output resolution 720p, but one can choose FullHD 1080p resulution if needed. Down below one can find downloadable preset to Handbrake, which is created / used here.

First you have to copy the full Blu-Ray to hard disk. Plenty of tools available, I use Slysoft’s AnyDVD HD.

Now open up Handbrake, and load the copied Blu-Ray content using ‘Source’ (1.). After that, let’s choose the ‘High Profile’ -template to work on (2.). Change the container to ‘MKV’. (3.). Choose the output file name and location (4.). Now it’s time to deside what resolution the output will have. I use 720p (1280), but one can choose virtually any resolution out there.


Now we are ready on the ‘Picture’, let’s move to ‘Filters’ where no changes are required:


To the next, which is ‘Video’.

Change the ‘x264 Preset’ to “slow” (1.) and the ‘x264 Tune’ to “film” (2.). Now move the RF-slider to “22” (3.).


Let’s move to next, which is ‘Audio’. Remove all other audio tracks using the red X -sign than the most top one.


If you want to add subtitle tracks, go to the next named ‘Subtitles’, and using ‘Add track’ (1.) simpy select subtitles you want.


Now we are all done.

If you are feeling lazy, you can download the custom made preset with above configurations here:


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