Benchmarking with WinRAR 5.21

New version of WinRAR includes an interesting feature: benchmarking the computer used with compressing files. Benchmarking is simply started in WinRAR with “”ALT” + “B”” -combination or clicking to Tools –> Benchmark.

Default configuration of the tool uses multithreading, so you should see 100% processor usage when bencmarking is active. Intel i7 and Xeon systems dominates the benchmark: there are proved scores over 10 000 seen.

My current system, Intel Xeon E3 1230 V3 @ stock speed (3.3 GHz at normal, 3.7 GHz at turbo) (I think the benchmark was on turbo) did result at 8587.


My laptop with Intel core i7 4500U @ 2.7 GHz results at 3581. What a disappoitment.

Post your results on the comments sections. WinRAR (for Windows, d’oh) can be found at and if you need a tool for checking the processor, is the place to visit.

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