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ATI AMD Catalyst 15.3.1 beta drivers

ATI AMD Catalyst 15.3.1 beta march 14 These are 64bit drivers for Win8.1. Drivers were released for press for FreeSync testing, and were taken offline for reasons unknown. Grab your copy:


nVidia 970 conspiracy

There are several theories on the *web. Which one is real? Who tells the truth? Is nVidia really using 3Dfx technology? Is ATI / AMD setting the goal to R300 -series? Who knows, find...


Benchmarking with WinRAR 5.21

New version of WinRAR includes an interesting feature: benchmarking the computer used with compressing files. Benchmarking is simply started in WinRAR with “”ALT” + “B”” -combination or clicking to Tools –> Benchmark. Default configuration...


Linux RAID speeds measured

Linux RAID speeds, more extensive testing In my last test, I tested read and write speeds of software RAID 10. I got the base speed with single disk. Today other tests, which I did...